And while I’m pointing fingers…

I absolutely have to point out this photographer that I discovered in Denver!

Okay.  I didn’t discover her.  She’s one of my best friends.

I know.  I know.  I’ve already pointed at her.  I pointed to her wordpress on my blogroll.  I pointed to her portfolio in the link under my picture.  It’s simply not enough.

She’s amazing.  She has vision.  She turns a portrait into a work of art.  Her love of light and shadow, her perception of self and others, her dedication to conveying the spirit of her subject sets her a world apart from any others I know.

She’s in love with photography.  Absolutely passionate about it.  This ain’t no photobooth at K-mart, folks.  She’s an artist.  Her enthusiasm for her work comes through in her portraits, and her burning desire to do her work means that anyone sitting for her is transformed.  She spends too much time with her subjects, too much energy editing the shoots, and puts far more of herself into what she produces than she could ever regain given what she charges.

From the perspective of a friend?  This makes me absolutely crazy.

From the perspective of a client?  Who wouldn’t want someone that was going to put that much of herself into what you are paying for?  Value, folks.  Value.

So, why then, I ask myself, isn’t she making more money?

Advertising.  Expensive stuff.

The way I figure it – the human race is her market.  She takes pictures of people.  People read.  I write.  So, I’m here to tell you about this amazing photographer I know.

Brandie Bond

If you live anywhere in the Denver area you should follow this link and remember this name.

Pssst.  Pass it on.

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2 comments on “And while I’m pointing fingers…
  1. joshuaolaomi says:

    nice and lovely write up.

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