Today – a friend that I only know through the internet asked me to write something.  I’ll probably disclose the “what” part later.  Just know it’s good to be asked.  To have an assignment.

Baby goats landed during the blizzard last Thursday.  I’m not lying about goats being my bliss.  They make me skip and jump and sing and smile as if I had just won the lottery.

I sat and snuggled one of them Saturday morning.  The warmth of that little body against me, the quick heartbeat – natural even while resting, and that little noise they make on each exhale.  There isn’t an anti-depressant in the world that can make me feel the peace I feel when I’m holding a baby goat.

I’ve been looking around at the blogging for money game.  I have half a dozen blogs on different topics scattered around the internet.  Not all of them I like to share with everyone.  They don’t get many hits.  I know it’s a long shot, but I’ve picked one, added some paid advertising, and have started actively promoting it.  It can’t hurt right?  Nothing happens if you don’t try.

I’m playing around with making chainmail jewelry.  My first piece came out well.  I think I’ll give it to my daughter.  I’ve had an Etsy site on stand by for a long time.  I figure I should start placing things for sale on it.  I may not create at a production rate, but every little bit helps.

I have my whole household sitting in storage.  I’ve thought about cataloguing everything and putting it on Ebay.  Have you ever wondered what you are worth?  I do.

I’ve been thinking alot about this book I’ve never read.  I meant to read it.  I still mean to read it.  I just haven’t yet.  It was recommended to me my companies last HR manager.  The same HR manager that thought I should throw caution to the wind, quit my job, and sell hats to the world for a living.  The book is “Making a Living Without a Job“.  I’ll order it tomorrow.

Until I get the rest of this figured out – I guess I’ll just keep writing.


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One comment on “Anything
  1. gbemi akande says:

    we are always faced with the challenge of action. every single step … even if its in the wrong way ultimately leads us to the right path.

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