The Poison in Your Belly

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2004, I did a lot of reading.  As rare as it was at the time there was already a lot of research and information to wade through.  The more I read about the correlation of gluten to different disease processes I became convinced that it was poison, not just to those with CD but to everyone.  I tried to tell people what I believed as I pointed to all the information available on the subject.  I told people that the genetic modifications to wheat had turned it to poison and that there just weren’t any tests available that would detect it in everyone.  I just sounded crazy.

Last month a friend of mine sent me a message about a book he had read.  He said that “the book included a lot of science regarding the genetic modifications to wheat and its relation to multiple health issues.  Oh, and it was written by a cardiologist so he had some credibility.”  This made me laugh.  If only I had a medical degree!!!

Well, I read the book.  I felt incredibly validated as he described system by system the negative impact of modern wheat on the human body.  It’s addictive and toxic, and there isn’t a system in your body it doesn’t harm.  It’s also in nearly every processed food on the market.

I started telling everyone I know about this book.  After all, this doctor has some credibility!!!  I have quickly found that credibility only really counts when someone is already interested.  I practically begged my mother to read the book.  I relayed with excitement the amount of scientific explanation the author uses.  My mother explained to me, politely, that while I enjoy reading technical manuals she isn’t all that interested – could I please synopsize the subject matter for her?

I suppose that I can.  While I’m working on this book report for my mother I really want to pass this information along to the rest of you.  If you are interested at all in being healthy and whole – this book has some really good information.  Unfortunately it’s being marketed as another gimicky sounding weight loss plan .  I’d have passed it over if it weren’t for the message from my friend.  Look past the fact that it’s riding the coat tails of the low carb craze.  The information deserves your attention.

♥ I want you to feel happy, healthy, and whole. I want you to feel good. ~Sasha Lynn ♥


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6 comments on “The Poison in Your Belly
  1. wartica says:

    Thanks for shedding some light, Sasha. I was always under impression that wheat had no detrimental effects on us – boy, was I wrong! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Mike Barratt says:

    Thank you for sharing. You can lead people to a better way but you can’t force them there. That’s why leading by example is such a powerful thing. It’s obvious that you care for your friends and family and are concerned for their health based on your knowledge. Instead of pushing too hard, continue doing what you’re doing and plant seeds that hopefully grow into better decision making with their health.

    • Sasha Lynn says:

      Thanks, for the encouragement, Mike. I’ve been living gluten free for 8 years, so this information really isn’t new to any of my friends and family. It is incredibly validating to have so much attention from more mainstream sources these days. I’m just working now on making the information more palatable to the people close to me. 🙂

  3. Ginger says:

    I was on Prilosec for over 8 years, mainly to combat heartburn and stomach pain. I got worried about the side effects so I went off it in October. I figured I’m a big enough girl now to eat right and avoid heartburn. Well that didn’t work so well. Now keep in mind I was already eating a very, very healthy diet and with next to no processed foods.

    Well think again. I ate bland things like crackers and toast and bananas. I didn’t eat fat. No hot things. And I was in agony. After a camping trip where I had packed whole grain bread and cookies and I literally thought I was going to hemorrhage, I figured I needed to try drastic measures. Ever since I saw your before/after pictures on flickr years ago it’s been in the back of my mind to try someday. Well this was the time. I went gluten free. And I’m sure you know the result.

    I am now heartburn free. No pain. No indigestion. I do have a raging case of rosacea that I keep hoping the gf diet will cure but so far it’s not seeming to correlate. The funny thing is now I’m letting some wheat back in bit by bit and I seem to tolerate it well. But I think it’s like a poison that is okay in small doses but is still a poison. I do think it’s toxic. Like you, I’ve come to the conclusion it is the root of much of our society’s heath woes. I’m obviously not a true celiac, but there’s no doubt in my mind that wheat is evil. Not just gluten.

    Interestingly, I recently ran across the same book and have been meaning to read it. His web site is spot on, but I agree it comes across as a fad.

    Good to see you posting, btw. I’ve missed you.

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