Hey, Mom! Look at this!

As I said in my last post, my mother asked me to synopsize the book so that she wouldn’t have to read through all the technical scientific explanations.  I’m sure that I won’t cover all the information in the book, but I’ll give you the parts that really stuck with me.

For any Celiacs out there, the explanation of the mechanics behind Celiac Disease were the clearest that I have ever read.  If you have any interest in how gluten actually affects your intestines I highly suggest grabbing a copy. Go to the library. Camp in the aisle at the book store.  It was a worthwhile read.

This isn’t just about Celiac Disease any more.  There is no test that you will tell you that you are at risk.  If you are eating gluten you are harming yourself.

 Before You Even Put It In Your Mouth

Wheat today is not the food it once was.  Any resemblance to the once chewy and vaguely nutty flavored ancestors of this grain has been lost in the Frankenfood we now know as wheat.  It has been modified by crude methods to express more proteins, larger seed heads, have shorter thicker shafts, be durable in storms, resistant to insects, and withstand the spraying of herbicides.  All of these changes might have been good had they ever taken the time to be sure that the resulting plant was edible.  There were no requirements at the time these changes were being made to test for product safety.

So Now You Eat It Anyway

Because your cake, cookies, doughnuts, and tiramisu just wouldn’t be the same without it.  Even if they were, your spaghetti and garlic bread dinner would be ruined.  Biscuits and gravy?  Ok – so you’ll give those up for some tomato soup.  Wait!  What was that thickened with?

Immediately your blood sugar rises.  Studies show that a slice of whole wheat bread will spike your blood sugar faster than a teaspoon of refined granulated sugar.  That spike causes an insulin surge which results a rapid drop in blood sugar that within two hours leaves you feeling as if you are starving to death.  Your inner animal kicks in driving you to eat whatever will correct that imbalance the fastest.  You are now in a self perpetuating 2 hour cycle of craving wheat products.

These wheat products are releasing what the researchers have dubbed “exorphins”.  They bind to your pleasure receptors just as nicotine does in a smoker.  In those susceptible to addiction to feel good body chemistry – doesn’t that chocolate Long John look as tasty as Brad Pitt in Troy?  Well, that Long John is attainable.  Oh yummy!  And another?  Yes, please!

Speaking of Troy

That lovely chocolate Long John is the trojan horse that gets the gluten to your gut.  Once those glutenous soldiers come out of the Long John they unleash their secret weapon: Zonulin.  Zonulin is the gateway protein that unlocks the wall of your intestine allowing gluten to pass into your body. This is bad for everyone.  Gluten does not belong in your bloodstream.  It doesn’t belong in your brain, either.  You are now probably having an inflammatory response.  Your body is being told to store fat.  Your gut is angry.  The other systems in your body are reacting to an invader.  You now have an internal battle going on.  You just can’t see it.  Yet.

Gluten has been implicated in many different conditions and diseases.

  • Celiac Disease
  • Crohns
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Diabetes Type 1
  • Autism
  • Schizophrenia
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Fibromyalgia

I know that there are more.  These are just the ones that I can remember without looking it up.

Anecdotal Evidence

I’m not sure whether I should call these case studies or anecdotal.  The author, Dr. Davis, says that he couldn’t ignore the reports of all his patients when he took them off of wheat.  Beyond the measured results he was tracking they continued to report that their decade long bout of acid reflux disappeared.  The rash they’d suffered since childhood finally cleared up.  They just generally felt BETTER!

Those are the points that really stuck with me.  I don’t want to excerpt you to death or rewrite the book.  I just want to be sure that you are making an informed decision when you put that whole wheat whatever to your lips.  I feel strongly that wheat and other gluten containing grains are toxic. Dr. Davis has provided me with another opportunity to visit this information.  If you want anything more in depth I suggest reading the book.

I love you, Mom.  Tell Dad, okay?

♥ I want you to feel happy, healthy, and whole. I want you to feel good. ♥


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