High Plains Holidays

My Gilded Tumbleweed

My Gilded Tumbleweed

These days I’m not really rolling in the cash. And I love this time of year. I have tons of decorations for the inside of my house, but not much for the outside. And this place begs to be decorated. Actually, it begs to be repaired and painted, but since I can’t afford to do that yet it is begging to be decorated.

All of the fliers are coming in from the stores carrying on about their deep discounts on beautiful holiday decor. I sit staring at the papers imagining what those planters with lit trees would look like in front of my porch. It’s beautiful in my mind. My personal money pit is instantly transported to the central focus of a Norman Rockwell painting.

The only dough I can come up with is in my kitchen. It’s gluten free and waiting for some tiny hands to turn it into trees, slather it in frosting, and bring on the sprinkles. I haven’t brought out the indoor decorations because we are trying to finish the dining room walls before the older kids start arriving next month. So I’m desperate.

Santaholic needs a fix.

Cleaning up the front porch I find another notice from my small town PD warning me about tall weeds and garbage. The ground is covered in leaves and the lawn has been dormant since late September. Just my clover continues to peek through. The only weeds in my yard have blown in from parts unknown. I have a plethora of tumblin’ tumbleweeds that build up against my neighbors hedge.


Wire Hanger Anchor

The tumbleweed is anchored with a pieces of wire hanger.

A $5 can of Krylon gold glitter spray and some 50% Hobby Lobby Holiday kitsch and I endeavored bravely to tame a wild tumbleweed and fulfill my holiday decorating desires. Not to mention thumb my nose at the city’s blatant disregard for the beauty of one of our region’s most prolific plants.

Weeds indeed!

The gold glitter spray was kind off waste. You can see the sun on the glitter a little bit if you’re close up, but it doesn’t really show up from a distance. I anchored it in the soil with bent chunks of wire coat hanger left by the previous owner. For much off the process I wore gloves, but attaching the red glitter berries required more dexterity.

Red Glitter Berries

I bought these red glitter berrries at Hobby Lobby for less than a dollar.

I sit here now with tiny tumbleweed splinters still embedded in my fingers and laughter in my heart. It didn’t come out quite how I envisioned. I haven’t added lights yet, and am debating whether I have the courage to drag it out front of the house.

Still, I don’t think I’m finished with the idea. I’m rethinking it with a straight coat of gold metallic. And spending a little more time finding a tumbleweed with a better shape. Or trimming it up a bit. Some bright red jingle bells on threads would go on with less dexterity. Oh, yes. I believe version 2.0 will be coming along any day now.

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3 comments on “High Plains Holidays
  1. I’m with you. We are poor as church mice this year and there isn’t any money for anything. No wreaths, no flashy LED lights (in blue). I’m not going to do anything about it, though, because i’m so busy with the website and trying my damnedest to sell something. But I love your tumbleweed idea. I’ve done something every similar myself. Back in the dark years I lived in a very fancy and posh neighborhood (we were the poor people on the block). And I couldn’t afford the fancy decorations and flags and landscaping. So one year I tore down grapevines and made a huge 4ft wreath for our entry wall. And each season I decorated it with things I found on the walks with the kids around the woods. I gathered roadside weeds and seed pods and rose hips and stuck them in the grapevines. In the winter I trimmed our yew bushes and put on a big red bow. In spring I put blown eggs and ribbons from the girls’ hair bow collection. It was amazing the things I could come up with. So I say keep up the good work. Have fun. Use what you have. Our forefathers (foremothers?) have been doing that since the beginning of time.

  2. sjcourchesne says:

    That is just lovely. We’re in the same boat up here in money terms, and it’s a delight to see what those hunting for nature’s holiday gifts come up with in a landscape so different from mine here in New Hampshire!

    • Sasha Lynn says:

      It made me really happy to paint that tumbleweed. And I’m starting to question “traditional” Christmas decoration. There are so many more dried weeds to choose from out here. 🙂

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