No More Secrets in This House

Sweet Potato Fries

This is what my sweet potato fries looked like coming off the Baker's Secret cookie sheet.

At the end of a long day of home improvement and chasing an extremely busy two year old – after smelling the herbed roast slowly cooking in the crock all day – I made baked potatoes for the man and the kid and put my much healthier organic low sodium sweet potato fries in the oven.

As they were cooling on the pan I snitched a couple. I love sweet potato fries and had been anticipating this taste for most of the day. As I began to blow on the third one in an attempt to cool it off before popping it into my mouth i noticed the patches of metallic sheen glistening across its length.

And then I completely freaked out.

I was more angry at being robbed of my low glycemic sweet treat at the end of an exhausting day than the thought of the potential toxins I had just been eating. And then I started googling.

Non Stick Coating

This non stick coating couldn't decide what it wasn't sticking to.

At first I thought perhaps I had gotten the pan too hot. I didn't remember any guidelines on the packaging. This is a fairly recent purchase as my trusty old cookie sheet disappeared into the public school system via one child's cooking class last year. The Baker's Secret website does not have any temperature guidelines so perhaps I'm wrong.

I started reading this website with an overview of the dangers of cookware in general, but I was left with an overwhelming fear of cooking on ANYTHING. So, while there was a lot of interesting inforrmation, perhaps they are on the overly alarmist track of “everything will kill you” – in which case – pick your poison. It left me feeling like a visit to snopes was in order. Unfortunately my search word teflon only yielded some return on men in teflon pants harvesting little nauga's in Sumatra to make naugahide. *chuckle and sigh*

To be fair, nowhere have I read that Baker's Secret is coated in teflon. In fact, I think somewhere I read it is coated in silicon. When I tried to look at the Baker's Secret FAQ's to confirm, I get the 404 page at Evidently Baker's Secret is owned by the same company that purchased Pyrex.

Even without Googling it is obvious to me that I shouldn't eat those fries. Or anything else that is cooked directly on that pan. I don't relish the feeling of wastefulness that putting the pan in the garbage elicits. In the same breath, if I have to use wax paper every time I use the pan isn't that just as bad?


This pan is now officially relegated to the realm of art projects. A suitable vehicle for polymer clay and other non edible projects that must visit the oven from time to time. But I WON'T be purchasing any MORE Baker's Secrets. And I'll be checking the rest of my pans for worrisome peeling. As for my other secrets – like the recipe for my deliciously rich gluten free mint chocolate fudge? I think I'll still keep that one for a little while.


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4 comments on “No More Secrets in This House
  1. Seriously? Once you start googling the complications of anything suspicious, you can be assured you’ll feel like cancer and death is imminent. Possibly best to simply eat everything raw and only grown in your own backyard and never touched by anyone else. Ever.

    • Sasha Lynn says:

      Probably best, yes. But having lived for a time as a gluten free vegetarian South Beach follower? I’ll take my chances finding a balance between being healthy and enjoying my food.

  2. ttylusa says:

    Oofta, that’s pretty disgusting. Good thing you caught it before popping one into your mouth!

    But anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Maria Nichole

  3. I was a vegan for a few years, I dabble in raw/vegan from time to time, I’ve read the books, here’s what I think: That pan goes for crafts, beyond that, moderation in all things. Everything is deadly, including living. The saddest part of the story is the your un assuaged taste buds. So sad.

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