Living Room Update – High on the Fumes of Success

Living Room December 2012

Living Room December 2012 - It's finally a space I enjoy spending time in.

When a room is finished (or mostly so since they never truly are), there is a surge of dopamine that occurs – a period where you are truly high on the accomplishment. Or perhaps the fumes.

Living Room August 2011

Living Room August 2011 - This photo was taken by my agent on our first walk through.

I still remember those good old boys looking at me across the table when I closed on the house. The recommendation was to scrape this old house and build something else. But this was truly the only house I could afford. It was still standing. No obvious holes. The electrical and plumbing were still working.

They asked who would be doing the work. I answered, “Me.”

I've had help. I have a wonderful and supportive partner. He works more hours than most couples combined. My job is to take care of the kid. And to chip away at the time intensive labor on the house. I save the heavy lifting for him. And anything that needs to be cut. I'm totally afraid of the saw. But I scrape, sand, paint, haul, clean, stain, wipe, and push our belongings from room to room as we make our way through these renovations.

Stained Floor Being Verathaned

And when we get to sit down in a beautiful finished room, we are visibly high on our accomplishment. This

Living Room November 2012

Before the carpet. Guest appearance by Ziggy the cat.

was beyond amusing when we finished the bathroom. We spent a lot of time in there, hanging out, chatting a bit, and basking in our glory. When I came down off the endorphins for a moment to discover we were actually holding our dinner plates in our laps, he was on the toilet and I was on the edge of the bathtub – well, I knew it was time to immerse ourselves in another room.

So here we are. Ugly carpet gone. Ceiling and paneling painted. Floor sanded, stained and verathaned.

And it only took us a year.

(Click for my previous post with additional photos of the living room)


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4 comments on “Living Room Update – High on the Fumes of Success
  1. I know about sanding and finishing flooring. The living room is waiting for me to get to it, the last one to be done. 🙂

  2. Those baseboards are great, by the way.

  3. Sandra Nguy says:

    The living room looks great! 🙂

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