Tech Tuesday: A Robot For Your Home Garden

No, silly.  Not a REAL robot.

This is an ONLINE SproutRobot

for your home garden.

Maybe you live to dig in your garden and you already have a planting schedule, all the tools, experience in planting all the different kinds of veggies, and some kind of freaky super green thumb that leaves your garden overflowing with food throughout the warmer months.  Then perhaps SproutRobot wouldn’t be for you.


But, if like most people you like to get some veggies in the ground, or every year you think you’d like to, and then you aren’t sure what the difference between starting indoors and direct sowing is.  Or when you are supposed to do it.  Or how many seeds per square inch and even why that would be important.  There are cool weather plants that go to seed when it gets too warm.  There are warm weather plants that will fall over and die at the slightest chill if planted too early in the spring.  It all becomes too overwhelming and so you end up staring at the same old empty garden patch until sometime around the Summer Solstice you finally give up any hope of a vegetable garden and sprinkle one of those wildflower mixes over your patch of ground so that SOMETHING will grow there, even if it isn’t edible.

SproutRobot takes your lack of knowledge

and turns it into a space for learning.


SproutRobot Calendar

You give them your zip code and they will plant the seeds of hope in your garden.  They give you the  knowledge, by region, to grow your own groceries, just like their home page says.

You will see a list of common vegetables in order of upcoming planting dates.  Beside each plant name are two links.  One of them goes to the planting instructions with the option of planting in containers for those of you with nothing more than a window or a balcony or planting in a garden bed.  The other button, the BUY button, takes you to a page with vegetables recommended for your region.  The prices are on par with what you pay at your local garden store, and when you checkout you find that you are making the purchase through Amazon.  Comfort in familiarity.

All of that is available for free at SproutRobot
without even signing up.

With SproutRobot’s limited free plan they will send you planting reminders for the 10 most popular veggies.  Their paid plans include additional help and reminders for sprouting times, when to harvest, and an online garden scrapbook.

From My Garden 2012I love to garden.  I’m getting my tomatoes and peppers started this week (I’m actually a little late).  I come back to this website as a reference again and again.    If a lack of know how is holding you back from experiencing the joy of home grown vegetables SproutRobot can really help.  It does fall short, however, of an actual robot to do your gardening for you.

That’s it for Tech Tuesday this week.  Tune in next week for another techno tidbit.

❤ Sasha Lynn


Poet, Artist, Writer, Novelist, Photographer, Mommy, Domestic Partner, Tender of the Earth, and Conduit of Love and Abundance Come like me on Facebook

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