Tech Tuesday: The Gun That Heals

Now this Skin Gun is some seriously sexy science.

While the whole world is discussing the pros and cons of private gun owenership, and there are news stories of children being suspended from school because their pop tart resembled a gun, it’s nice to know that there is a gun out there that is being used solely for the benefit of mankind. Professor Joerg C. Gerlach is now on my super official list of amazingly SEXY scientists.  He has developed what they are calling a “skin gun” that sprays a patient’s own stem cells in super fine airbrush fashion onto their severe burns.

My dad has been trying to show me this video for more than a week.  I finally took a look at it this morning.  His descriptions sounded pretty far fetched.  I had no idea it was true.  This video is over two years old and I had never heard of this thing before last week.

Years ago I met a woman.  Her infant some had been terribly burned in a house fire.  A year after the fire he was still in constant bandages, his toes had been fused together, and he was being fed through a tube in his stomach.  He had to travel all over the country to see specialists that were using the best tools available to normalize his existence.  I lost touch when they moved to Texas to be closer to the Shriner’s research facility down there, but I wonder what this kind of technology would have meant to him.  He’s right around 20 years old now, and I wonder what his life is like, and what it would have been like if this had existed when he needed it.

Miracles are happening in this world every day.

skin-gunMake no mistake – scientific leaps forward like this one are nothing short of miraculous for the people that they help.  What an incredible blessing this will be to anyone that is able to be treated with The Skin Gun.

This incredible method reduces the risk of life threatening infections by accomplishing in days what skin grafts would take weeks to do under optimal conditions.  I feel so blessed to live in a time when we are discovering the miraculous healing methods of science fiction are actually within our grasp.

That’s it for Tech Tuesday.  Sending much love and light to all of those that need healing.  I hope that they are able to make The Skin Gun more widely available for the treatment of burn victims in the near future.
❤ Sasha Lynn


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