Mycology Monday: The Magic of Mushrooms

The images in this film are nothing short of magical.
And they’re real.

This is a preview of a 3D documentary that is in post production right now.  This website has more information.  And more incredible films like this one.

Through the time lapse photography Louie Schwartzberg shows us that nature is not only alive, but conscious, and talking to us.  This is the message that Paul Stamets would have us take to heart.

Louie Schwartzberg wants to remind us that, “We are connected to a Universe that celebrates life.”  When the world feels overwhelming in a direction that doesn’t meet that statement we need to hear the voice of nature more than ever.  We need to slow to the pace of the growing mushroom and the blooming flower.  We need to see from the timeless eyes of the forest.

“As part of an outpouring of research that is revolutionizing notions about the genetic, biochemical, structural and evolutionary relationships among living things, fungi like mushrooms have now been revealed as being closer to animals like humans than to plants like lettuce.” ~ from Rearranging the Branches on a New Tree of Life by William K. Stevens

It is not so far off then, to believe that perhaps there is a voice that we are not yet hearing. Perhaps there is a language that we have not yet translated.  We are moving so fast and their words are spoken so slowly, quietly, and in such a delicate voice that we are not hearing them.

The voice of wisdom?

Perhaps there is wisdom in that voice that will show us the meaning that humans seem so desperate to seek.  The magic in mushrooms may not be the stereotypical psychedelic experience.  Their magic may be in linking us to the language of nature.  Giving the world a cohesive networked voice that hopefully someday the whole of humanity will hear in undeniable clarity.

“The only appropriate response is gratefulness.”

The research that Paul Stamets continues and the art that Louie Schwartzberg is creating tell me that some are already tuning into that voice.  I encourage you to delve deeper into their work.   I find that the visual impact of paying attention to the magic that exists in nature moves me on a much deeper level than Hollywood special effects.  And I am grateful to those humans that have made it their work in this life to awaken in us all  this feeling of awe.

From Louie Schwartzberg’s film gratitude
“Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you.  Then it will really be a good day.”

That’s it for Mycology Monday.  Tune in tomorrow and I’ll bring you a tidbit on technology.

❤ Sasha Lynn


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