Gluten Free Thursday: Nirvana In A Dinner Roll

Pamela's Bread MixPssst…

Hey you.  Over there.  I’m going to give away another secret.

I actually had people fighting over the last dinner roll at Christmas dinner.

It’s true.

My dinner rolls bring all the boys to the yard.

Yes.  I know it’s a mix.  That’s part of the beauty.  It’s super easy.

The problem is: if you follow the directions they taste terrible.

I wasn’t experimenting.  I made a mistake.  It was my first try and I left out an ingredient. I didn’t notice because of the way the recipe works.  You put all your liquids in a 16 oz measuring cup.  Then you fill it to the 2 cup line after the other liquids are in there.  Because eggs vary in size this ensures that you will use the same amount of liquid each time you make them.

I left out the oil.

Had I known I would have thought my rolls were doomed.  The rolls rose and baked exactly like the directions said they would.  Allowing the dough to rest for an hour is very important.  Don’t skip that part.  When these rolls came out they smelled delicious.  They were soft and pliable and when I took a bite of the first roll it pulled away as if there were no difference at all.  I was in awe.

I fed them to the thirteen year old.

She will turn up her nose at just about anything I cook.  And dinner rolls are her particular area of expertise.  Her eyes lit up and then rolled back in her head.  She moaned.  I knew I wasn’t imagining it.

At first everyone was saying, “Try the rolls!” and “Pass the butter!”  But as my supply dwindled I saw the fear set in.  And then the hoarding.

Ok.  I was the one hoarding, but dangit!  I’m the one that made them.  They were disappearing so fast I squirreled four of them away in the laundry room.  During large gatherings this is my “sacred space”.  No one enters the laundry room.

Safely sequestered from the hungry hoards I prayed that they would hold up to the overnight test.  I woke in the morning salivating.  I knew that a hot buttered roll awaited me at breakfast.  Life was good.

The rolls were divine.

They remained soft, pliable, with the stretchy texture that we expect from our dinner rolls.  I heard angels singing.

A week later I made them again for New Years Day.  As I was putting the ingredients in the measuring cup, carefully checking them off as I read the package, I realized I had no memory of adding oil to this recipe.  I racked my brain.  Nope.  No memory.
Gluten Free RollCould it be?  I warned Bryan as I put the oil into the recipe.  I’m not sure these are going to taste the same.  I thought maybe they would taste even better.  It was after all a mistake to leave it out.  I thought maybe I just didn’t remember and they would taste the same.  Either way, we would know when they came out of the oven.

I was nearly juggling as I anxiously handled a hot roll – dying for it to be cool enough to bite.  The memory from the week before left me desperate to taste those divine rolls again.  Alas, my memory had not failed – putting the oil in changed the flavor – and not for the better.

Just as an extra verification three weeks later I made the rolls again for Lily’s birthday.  I left the oil out on purpose and said a prayer.  The rolls came out exactly like Christmas.

Perfect and delicious – and lower in fat as well.

If you miss dinner rolls like I did – I can’t recommend this mix highly enough.  Use the sweet roll recipe, leave out the oil, and divide the dough between the cups of a muffin tin.  Voila!  Nirvana on Earth.

That’s it for Gluten Free Thursday!  I really hope you try those dinner rolls.  Be careful.  I ate too many and nearly had to buy new pants.  We’ll address that tomorrow on Fit Friday!

❤ Sasha Lynn

Poet, Artist, Writer, Novelist, Photographer, Mommy, Domestic Partner, Tender of the Earth, and Conduit of Love and Abundance Come like me on Facebook

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