Sustainable Saturday: LENR – A Power Full New Idea

We are going to start today with new vocabulary.

Low Energy Nuclear Reactor also referred to as LENR.

Cold Fusion?Two days ago I was like, “What?”

Now I am holding those letters close to my heart.

A couple weeks ago I talked to you about the dangers of compact fluorescent lightbulbs.  My take on those bulbs for general use in your home hasn’t changed.  But like many great discoveries that have sprung forth inspite of being rooted in polluted soil – this new discovery that low energy, clean and stable nuclear reactions are taking place inside of compact fluorescent light bulbs shed a whole new light on the subject.

NASA: A Nuclear Reactor To Replace Your Water Heater

“It has the demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy, cleanly, without hazardous ionizing radiation, without producing nasty waste,” said Joseph Zawodny, a senior research scientist with NASA’s Langley Research Center.

“The easiest implementation of this would be for the home,” he said. “You would have a unit that would replace your water heater. And you would have some sort of cycle to derive electrical energy from that.”

Carbon could also be used as a fuel, NASA scientists speculate, and the process would turn the carbon into nitrogen, the most abundant element in the atmosphere.

“I don’t know what could possibly be cleaner than that,” said Zawodny. “You’re not sequestering carbon, you’re totally removing carbon from the system.”

(read complete article here)

Feeling skeptical?  I certainly was.  We have all been drunk on hope and felt that hangover.

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the Realism and the Outlook

Therefore, the LENR situation and outlook is the following:

  • Something real is happening.
  • The weak interaction theories suggest what the physics might be.
  • There are efforts ongoing to explore the validity of the theories.
  • There are continuing Edisonian efforts to produce “devices” mainly for heat or in some cases transmutations.
  • There are efforts to “certify” such devices.
  • NASA LaRC has begun LENR design studies guided by the Weak Interaction Theory

(read complete article here)

Color me both drunk on hope and filled with gleeful wonder.  The Big Boys are taking this pretty seriously.  It’s pretty cold around here today.  The thought of low cost and low impact energy to heat my home and run my laptop sounds mighty fine.  I’m even daring to imagine that this could happen in my lifetime, and that it might be the key to reducing or even eliminating our carbon footprint.

Tiny Nuclear Reactions Inside Compact Fluorescent Bulbs?

“If this outstanding new data is substantiated by further experimentation, it provides yet more proof that LENRs are likely to be a truly ‘green,’ safe nuclear technology.”

Larsen hopes to demonstrate that low-energy nuclear reactions are safe, green and commonplace in part to distinguish them from fission reactions that produce dangerous ionizing radiation in conventional reactors. He has found evidence of LENRs occurring in lithium-ion batteriescatalytic converters, and naturally in bacterial processes and lightning.

Many researchers, including NASA scientists, are working on low-energy nuclear reactors that use non-hazardous fuels like nickel and hydrogen to produce energy and non hazardous by-products, like copper.

(read complete article here)

My parents can’t remember a time without television.  I can barely remember a time without microwave ovens.  My older kids can’t remember a time without a home computer, and my three year old runs around watching PBS on her dad’s beat up old iPhone.  It is my greatest grandest hope that my grandchildren won’t remember a time when the price of energy was modeled on scarcity.


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3 comments on “Sustainable Saturday: LENR – A Power Full New Idea
  1. David M. Green says:

    I read not too long ago about the US military experimenting with replicators and now clean energy from nuclear power is actually possible. Perhaps my dream of commanding the star ship Enterprise or the Death Star will happen in my lifetime after all. 🙂

  2. alaincoe says:

    LENR is a wide subject and what is funny for a tech watcher like me, it is how the least interesting stories car turn around the planet while the simple solid evidence stay ignored.

    The claim of Zawodny published by NASA did turn around the planet and it was very imperfect, not enough wide.
    For the fluocompact lights, it is a very early claim, yet something to check (istotopic change remind me some results of defkalion where nucleon parity matters).Same for the questioning on lithium batteries(I’m very skeptical for that claim).

    Today Cold Fusion, alias LENR is a scientifically validated fact, in palladium and nickel hydrides, with (as National instruments checked last year) about 180 solid experimental results… with 8 review papers like the one of Edmund Storms in NaturWissenSchaften (2010). Despite the words of the fans, there is no theory, and according to scientific method it is not a problem (it is a problem for most pretended scientists, another story about psychology).

    I have prepared an article explaining why LENR is a scientific fact, and how pathological is the current disbelief:

    from the data I gathered it seems the doubts should have been cleaned in 1991, like Hans Gerisher (an ex-skeptical) shows. Later CEA Grenoble in 1997, Uni Tsinghua in 2005, NASA 2008, Spawar 2009, should have had huge impact too, but had none… Many reason for that tragedy, with lack of honesty of the mainstream physicists, cowardliness of media (frightened by official ban, insults and definitive claims), but also incompetence in communication and irrational love of theory for LENR scientists… globally it is a tragedy about Theoretical love by physicist… any empiricist would have been convinced since long, like me, an engineer, with knowledge in semiconductors QM. I dare to have an opinion in late 2011 because Defkalion gave me enough technical and behavioral evidence that LENR was real and nearly usable (this mean less than 5 years to marker).

    You might be more interested by the “business oriented” executive summary about LENR:

    Some hope that in few month there will be unquestionable third party test results, but there are already 2 independent 3rd party test that raised no interest…
    I hope nothing from collective delusion, until a dozen of clients show their happiness.
    Normally it take 5 years to industrialize an innovation, and we are just 3 years from the beginning.

    About collective delusion and groupthink, you should read the papers of Roland Benabou (GroupThink: collective delusion in organizations and markets).

    For most data all is on lenr-forum, but in old thread… I no more discuss of evidence, it is useless to try to convince. I only wait for business events, and try to be influent so it goes faster.

    best regards.

    AlainCo the techwatcher of lenr-forum

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