Tech Tuesday: The Zen of Low Tech


I’m addicted to technology.

I have my gizmos and gadgets galore. I love them all. I usually have one gadget or another in front of my face or at my fingertips. I cook with my iPad for recipes and company. I walk with my iPhone counting my steps. I frequently have a webinar going on one while blogging on my laptop – and sometimes my Dad is keeping me (or the kid) company on Facetime while the Roku streams Dora the Explorer on the flatscreen. My bed has multi layers of space age something or other that I can’t tell you about because I’m not conscious long enough to think about it once my body hits the bed. It’s that comfortable. The dual control warmer doesn’t hurt either.


In the kitchen. When those dishes are piling up I see the irony. This is the neglected room of the house.

I said to Bryan yesterday, “I can’t believe we own a sailboat and we still don’t own a dishwasher.”

That’s right. I do those babies by hand. It’s what I like to refer to as EXTREME housekeeping. Not for the fainthearted. And with a three year old in the house. That’s how you know I’m a bad ass.

Some days it’s a bigger deal than others. I’m resistant. So is he. Some days I think we are the only home in America without one. I remind myself this house was built in 1905. They didn’t exactly have a dishwasher in mind when they were putting together the floor plan.

Most days it’s actually a little mental vacation for me. I stand in front of the sink and while I do occasionally have the iPad propped in the cupboard above watching Downton Abbey or some such distraction – many times I’m just turned off. It’s like meditating. My mind becomes still as water and I think of nothing as the suds wash down the drain. The rushing water forms a barrier to the noise of the TV and the pets and I find this zen place away from the blogging and the promoting and the book editing and the kid chasing.

And when the hot water runs out and my fingers look like prunes I rub lotion into my hands and come back to this grounded center space. I realize that for a moment I was outside of time and really at peace and content and completely consumed with this mundane task. And then I don’t want the dishwasher.

I never really thought of a dishwasher as technology until today when I took a moment away to go and do some dishes. I got that pumped sense of completion at the end, too, as I stared at the strainer full of dishes. I wonder if you get that with a dishwasher. I wonder if I’ll get as much out of upgrading the technology in the kitchen as I do from leaving it alone. Is saving the half hour a day worth losing the zen of warm running water on my hands and a clear head?

Now that you know how deep my sickness really goes (I mean how many of you out there find your inner peace while doing the dishes?) I’ll call it quits on another Tech Tuesday.

❤ Sasha Lynn

Poet, Artist, Writer, Novelist, Photographer, Mommy, Domestic Partner, Tender of the Earth, and Conduit of Love and Abundance Come like me on Facebook

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