Gluten Free Thursday: Ricotta Pecan Spinach Salad

Ricotta Pecan Spinach Salad
Photo Credit: Sasha Lynn

Well here we are!  It’s Thursday!  I woke this morning with such high hopes.  Alas on reviewing the ingredients for the gluten free croissant recipe I found myself sorely lacking. Better planning next week!

Instead I’m going to offer up my gluten-free lacto-vegetarian low-carb multi-hyphenated favorite:

Ricotta Pecan Spinach Salad


  • 2  cups of spinach – I always measure mine to 85 grams.  Really it amounts to a large bowl full of spinach.  Not a salad bowl.  A pasta bowl.   A big bowl
  • 4 oz full fat ricotta – Don’t buy low fat.  Fat is good for you.  When you eat fat it tells your body that you don’t need to store fat because there is an abundant supply.  And it tastes better.
  • Italian seasoning – You can get all crazy and dice up some fresh herbs.  Maybe you have some growing in your kitchen?  I have last years still hanging dried up in the laundry room.  Really though – a shaker of “Italian Seasoning” is all that this really calls for.
  • garlic salt – Yes.  Just like that.  If there were any cooking involved I might use fresh minced garlic, but this is a raw salad.  So garlic salt will do fine.
  • 1/8 cup pecans – This amounts to a half a handful for me.  Don’t sweat the measuring.  A little more a little more and it tastes better; a little less and you’ve saved money.  $20/pound???  I’m planting a tree. Sheesh!
  • tomato puree – I didn’t realize for a long time that tomato sauce almost always has sugar added to it.  So I buy tomato puree.  When I want a sauce I season it myself.  And instead of ketchup I have tomato puree in a condiment bottle.  I think it’s the acid from the tomatoes that gives it some kind of supernatural preservative power.  That stuff stays good for a long time.


1. Fill your bowl with raw organic baby spinach.  I’ll spare you the speech.  You can use whatever kind of spinach you usually buy, but the organic baby spinach is going to taste better.

2. Scoop 1/2 cup (4 oz) of ricotta into the center of the spinach.  The spinach will compress under the weight and create a pretty frame and nice contrast in color.

3. Sprinkle over the cheese with Italian seasoning and garlic salt.  I go over it twice because there’s a lot of cheese there and it always takes me more seasoning to get to the end of the salad without losing flavor than I think.

4. In your palm crush 1/8 cup of pecans.  Crunch them up into little pieces and sprinkle them over the top of the cheese and around the edge.

5. Instead of salad dressing, drizzle tomato puree over the top of the entire salad.  I like my condiment bottle for this.  It makes a pretty zig zag over the top of the cheese that I just don’t get if I ladel it on.

There you go.  Take a minute to appreciate the pretty salad before you take the first bite.  I tend to devour this pretty quickly once I start.  It deceptive simplicity gives you a sophisticated look and flavor that you can use to impress guests in a time crunch, too.

That’s it for Gluten Free Thursday!  Next week we’ll take another run at those GF croissants.  I’ve got my grocery list ready so hopefully we’ll have better luck.  See you tomorrow for Fit Friday!

Sasha Lynn ~ Prosperity Coach

❤ Sasha Lynn

Poet, Artist, Writer, Novelist, Photographer, Mommy, Domestic Partner, Tender of the Earth, and Conduit of Love and Abundance Come like me on Facebook

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