Silent Sunday: Celebrating Spring!

Sometimes it’s just about the light. A sun flare or a refraction can make me feel like I’m living in a dream world as much as raising the main sail in my driveway. Silent Sunday is dedicated to bringing you the story of my life with fewer words and more pictures. Please enjoy my day. I know I did.

Not much time to write today.  This was a day of action and accomplishment – dreaming in an active and experiential way.  Silent Sunday is after all the day I dedicate to talking with pictures.

Bunnies and LambsIt is, of course, Easter. The Easter Bunny visited many blessings upon my 3 year old daughter. She was very happy. We ate too many jelly beans and loved on the bunnies and lambs.

Codie reading in a sunbeam
Codie made the most of the morning sunbeams her last day of Spring Break.

The air was calm, so Bryan took advantage of his first opportunity to raise the sails on our new boat, Elan.

Codie and Bryan
Codie got some quality time on deck with her Dad.

Codie and LilyLily got some quality time playing below deck with her sister.

Because you know we weren’t having enough fun with sunning on the deck and playing on the sailboat – the pool table was delivered and Lily is ready to run the table.

Bryan finished putting the balusters on the deck railing. My father was happy to see us getting the finishing work done. We are so thrilled to have a comfortable space to hang out. Only a couple things left to do before we stain it.

I am ending this wonderful day thankful that my shirt was long sleeve. Hot as I may have been – the first sunburn of the season could have been worse. ♥

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