Sustainable Saturday: Keyhole Gardens

We were thrown for a loop today when one of our kiddos who has been out of state decided to surprise us by showing up for her visit a week early.

We were so over-joyed to see her that we pretty much dropped every project and all the work that was planned for today to spend time with her.  I’m sure that you can understand that.

So here I am.  It’s late Saturday night.  My belly is full of good food and my heart is full of warm fuzzies.  Still, I don’t want to miss an opportunity to bring you something interesting.

A friend showed me a new type of garden bed – a keyhole garden – that she’s discovered – and I’m hoping it only takes me a moment to throw this post together and share it with you.

Keyhole GardenFrom Keyhole Gardening: Unlocking the secrets of drought-hardy gardens

From reading this article I think Eastern Colorado must bear a strong resemblance to a Texas  drought.  Out here on the plains scorching sunlight is plentiful, rain is scarce, and fifty mile an hour winds are more of a rule than a suggestion.  The keyhole garden idea presented here looks like it may be right up our alley.  There are simple directions at the link above for making your own keyhole garden.

Toodling around on YouTube I found this funny video about making a keyhole garden from the Send-A-Cow people.

And then this less funny but more informative video from the Send-A-Cow people.

It’s no great secret that I love to garden.  I’m putting together the plans to get my garden established right now, and I’m looking at incorporating a couple of these beds.  On top of looking incredibly practical for this arid region I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

That’s all for Sustainable Saturday.  Maybe next week I’ll get some pictures posted of the yard before we really begin.  It’ll be fun to track the progress.  Let me know what you think about keyhole gardens and if you have any thoughts about sustainable gardening.  I’d love to hear from you.

Sasha Lynn


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