The Past Does Not Exist

All healing is release from the past.

Let’s take a running start at our day!  Here is what I watched this morning and it made me feel so good I want to share it with you.

The past does not exist.  The future is not yet.

Only right now is real.  If you are thinking about the future you are in the “not yet”.  If you are focusing on the past you are focusing on something that doesn’t exist.  The only thing that is real is right now in this exact moment.

The Universe always says YES!

If you want to suffer the Universe will give you the opportunity.If you want to experience love and abundance the Universe will give you the opportunity.

Your feelings are always true.  The reasons behind them may not be.

“It’s important to have an emotional crap.”

You have to let it out.  Don’t bottle up all the hurt and fear and become emotionally constipated.  Let it out and make room for the good stuff.  Just find someone who isn’t afraid to hold space while you let it out.

The juiciest bits this morning:

“A member of society is someone who on their own can come to all the wrong conclusions about everything.”

“Just because the vast majority of people don’t believe something does not mean that you aren’t right”

“Don’t ever forfeit what you know is true in your heart for what ‘the gang’ is saying.”

At one point in history everyone agreed to believe that the world was flat.  That didn’t make it true.  The world was round – the fact that they didn’t believe it didn’t make it false.

Remember today:

“The truth will always be something that you can do right now.”

All healing is release from the past.

The past is over.  It can touch me not.

Every moment is a new now.  Every new now is a moment of potential in which creation of the world that you want to live in is possible.  You are innocent NOW.  What you perceive in the past isn’t real.  It doesn’t exist.  Breathe into NOW and feel how CLEAN it is.

I share all this with you today because it is what I want to make sure that I remember.  Thank you for listening and sharing this moment with me.

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