Does The Messenger Matter?

“What we’re all working on is this very being, this very life.
This is the temple, it has no walls.”
~Genpo Roshi~


Brian Johnson’s PhilosophersNotes have been one of the key tools in my own personal development and discovery of joy and gratitude in my life.  Click the banner below and check out his free audio samples – especially The Four Agreements – even if you have read it, being able to relive the key points in that book while you are driving to work is a great gift.PhilosophersNotes - More Wisdom in Less Time


 The Book

Big Mind Big HeartBig Mind employs a Jungian voice dialogue technique that enables people to step out of limited self-concepts into awareness of their many different sub-selves (emotions/mental states). In addition to exploration of the more familiar sub-voices like anger and fear, author Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel uses this technique to help people access the ever-present Big Mind/Big Heart awareness – the clear, “just being” awareness and the unconditional compassion that we all can experience. The Big Mind process is now available in book form to bring readers of all backgrounds many benefits including: access to our innate wisdom, compassion and equanimity; openness of mind and ability to shift perspectives; greater presence and empowerment; and appreciation for the wisdom within all of our many sub-selves even ones we tend to dislike or disown, like fear and anger.

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Who is Genpo Roshi?

Who is Genpo Roshi?From his first awaking in 1971, Genpo Merzel’s life has been about waking up to our essential nature, our True Self.  For the past forty years since then his purpose and his passion have remained the same: to deepen his own clarity and to assist others to awaken and realize their true nature.

A champion swimmer and All-American water polo player in his youth, Merzel received a Master’s degree in educational administration from the University of Southern California in 1968, and left his careers as a school teacher and lifeguard after his awakening and lived alone for a year in a rustic cabin deep in the mountains near San Luis Obispo

Continue reading about Dennis Genpo Merzel at his website
Big Mind: Change Your Perspective Change Your Life.


My Thoughts

Now I take a moment to practice releasing judgement. Dennis Merzel has proven himself to be as human as we all are.  Forgiveness is practiced daily for people that operate outside of social norms and are less than honest in their personal dealings.  Often well respected teachers and leaders are less palatable when we know them personally.  I can remember thinking this way about my father.  How people seemed to adore him while I couldn’t be in the same room with him.  While the situation has changed with my father, and he is now one of my closest friends and most trusted confidants – I can still see how it is easier to accept wisdom from someone that we don’t know.

So, at the Wikipedia entry on this teacher there is a more than an unbalanced amount of information regarding Dennis Merzel’s sexual interactions with students and marital issues.  I ask, how important is this really?  Several years ago I realized that messages have little to do with the messenger.  We may receive it differently, or refuse to receive it, based on the messenger.  But it has little to do with the message.

I’m telling you all of this today because I was taken by surprise by the information on Wikipedia, and my first instinct was to choose a different book for today.  I was going to take this post and get rid of it – as if the message was no longer worthwhile because the actions of the messenger were in question.  That, however, is not the person that I want to be.

I would ask that you and I see clearly, and apply this to others in our lives when we find ourselves rejecting a message because of our feelings about the person.  Listen to the message.  You will know in your heart whether or not it resonates.  Ask yourself if the message is one of love or fear.  Receive the messages that come from love regardless of the messenger.  The Universe, God, the forces of light and love, may choose to send us messages in forms that contain greater lessons than we perceive at the onset.

Thank you for your gracious ear.


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