Day 2

Day 2 at the Mayo Clinic

We met with neurology in the morning where I was stabbed with many needles and touched everywhere with a tuning fork. Turns out I have lost some sensation in my left leg. The most conservative course recommended by her was to wait and see if it gets any worse, with the provision that intervention never reverses progress, it will only stop it from getting even worse. She took note of my swollen index finger and referred me to their hand clinic.

In the afternoon we met with the neurosurgeon. He had Bob Ross socks on with floating Bob heads and Happy Trees. His nurse had done a long interview before he came in. He had her review the highlights of our conversation and then he talked non-stop for at least 30 minutes while referencing my scans and x-rays and explaining things to my with technical terms like “nerve funniness”. This made me very happy since I’ve been chided by docs for saying things felt weird or funny. He said, “sometimes there are no big people words for these feelings.” Ah. Wisdom.


When considering fusion, I won’t lose any additional mobility, because my neck has already fused itself trying to manage the damage. I received a lot of validation as many docs have said that my damage couldn’t be causing my right sided symptoms. This doctor disagreed. He also acknowledged the chest pain that I have been having and said that the spinal compression is in an area that causes this, and acknowledged how frightening that must be for someone with cardiac history.

His recommended first step is a CT guided injection to the area. Diagnostically, this will help him narrow down the cause of some of the sensations, and it will give a preview of the potential for results from surgery. I have an appointment on Friday to have that done if they can’t squeeze me in earlier.

There is so much more that I don’t have the time or wherewithal to jot down right now. Know that I feel good about the care that I am receiving up here. I wish we could all receive this level of care in our own communities. I am grateful for the privilege of being here, but I miss my bed and my house and those kittens. We’ll be headed home this weekend to mull over all the new information I and let the injection do its work and give the surgeon the additional information he needs.

Thank you all for being on this ride with me. I feel all the prayers and juju.

Love you all. Xoxoxo

Sasha Lynn

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