Day 4

Day 4 Mayo Clinic

I had the ultrasound of my finger and they didn’t detect any foreign bodies. Some strange remodeling, possible old ligament injury, and a mass of scar tissue. If anyone can remember me doing something terrible to my finger in the last decade let me know. Lol.

Note: This doesn’t mean there isn’t anything in there, just that nothing is being detected through x-ray or ultrasound.

I got to have a great big hug, from a woman I’ve known online for 15 years or so, in an adorable little stone shop here in Rochester. Somehow we both ended up near here at the same time and the stars aligned. She’s been dear to me for a lot of years and finally getting to be in Jillene’s physical presence was exactly like hugging a lifelong dear friend. She was with a lovely friend who took time out of their visit to drive Jillene down to meet me. We all had a lovely lunch while the kids played. A real highlight from this week. (Thank you for documenting the moment, Jeanice!❤️)

Later last night I was having some discomfort and I could tell my BP was spiking. It was very high when I took it, and I hadn’t been feeling well on and off all week, so off to explore the Mayo/St Mary’s ER here in Rochester. The ER clocked my BP at 164/122 when I arrived. They cycled me through some meds for pain and nausea, and finally gave me nitro. That brought the BP down and alleviated the chest pain I was having. No signs of heart attack or anything cardiac related. Since I’ve already had tests for more of the crazy stuff that could cause that, they kept me for observation and released me in time this morning to go to my other appointments.

I know some of this sounds scary. I don’t write about all the crazy BP episodes that I have anymore because it has become redundant. It happens regularly enough that I call these trips “routine ER visits” so that my family understands that I didn’t go because I thought I was dying, but with my history we head back each time it gets this bad because the risk of complications from prolonged high BP are many. So better to go get tested. And I keep hoping someday the magic pair of eyes is going to see my symptoms and know what is causing all off this.

My secret hope is that this is connected to my spinal issues. Neuro folks always say it is unlikely, but that isn’t a straight up no, so I’m hoping that once we get everything to stop irritating my spinal cord that the strange parasympathetic stuff will stop, too.

So, don’t let my ER visit worry you too much. They happen fairly often, and while no one likes to go to the ER, they really have become a “routine” part of managing my ongoing health issues.


I’ll have to write about our last day here tomorrow as I am very tired this evening. Know that I’m feeling pretty well, and looking forward to a solid night of sleep before we pack up and get back on the road tomorrow.

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